High Performance 

Quickly provision your Windows and Linux Cloud Servers,  – from 55 seconds. We provide the virtualization, storage and network management you need. Load balancing and high performance storage give you the speed that leaves others behind.

Scale On-Demand

Our flexible cloud technology delivers the infrastructure you need right now, freeing more time for coding. There are no upfront costs or contracts – just clear ‘pay as you use’ pricing, plus estimated bills to help you plan ahead. Garanntor lets you scale from one server to multi-server secure networks in just a few clicks.

All-Inclusive Secure Technology

Secure cloud hosting defends your data and applications, with Private Networks, Firewalls and VPN included across all configurations. Try out applications with confidence – a few clicks can capture full server backup clones or create snapshots for change testing.

Pay as you use

Daily Pricing, Monthly Billing

With no upfront costs or contracts, Garanntor users can see and control usage for the current month, down to minutes. Start and stop your plan or make immediate granular changes to any resource – CPU, RAM, Storage– all with ongoing cost estimates, and a summary of the total amount payable on the last day of the month

Customize your Cloud Server to match your business needs.

Unit Costs


VM CU ($/core-GHz-hour)


VM Memory ($/GB-hour)


Container CU ($/core-GHz-hour)


Container Memory ($/GB-hour)


Disk ($/GB-month)


HDD ($/GB-month)


Data Transfer ($/GB)



Windows Server 2008 R2 Web ($/license-month)


Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard ($/license-month)


Server 2012 Standard ($/license-month)


Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 Web ($/license-month)



Static IP ($/month)


Private network VLAN ($/month)


Firewall ($/month)