Whenever a domain name is registered or updated, the contact details of its owner are automatically published in an online database known as the WHOIS database. This is a requirement from the Internet’s governing body, and works like a big phone directory, allowing people to track down the owner of a domain name should they need to get in touch. In theory this sounds sensible enough, but in reality publishing all your private data on the Internet isn’t a smart move, and gives potential scammers and spammers access to your name, address and phone number. Domain privacy from Garanntor replaces your contact details with our information, and keeps your personal information hidden from public scrutiny. You’ll remain the legal owner of the domain, and we’ll forward on any email communications sent to you.

Public Domain Registration

If you register your domain as public, your name and contact information will be visible to the public. If someone is searching to find out who owns your domain, they will be able to access your personal details.

Private Domain Registration

With Private Registration, you protect your email, phone number and other personal details. Your personal information will be kept confidential, protecting you from identity theft, junk email, domain hacking, online harassment and more.

Exposing yourself

Keep it private


your real name

Privacy Protected


your real address

P. O. Box 0724-001


your real phone



your real email

DP - Basic

  • Masks your personal details in the WhoIs Directory Prevents domain-related spam Deters domain hijackers Protects you from stalkers and harassers Includes a private email address that can be forwarded to you, filtered or blocked


/year per domain
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