The Importance of Redundancy in Web Hosting

Importance of Redundancy

Redundancy is generally viewed as superfluous repetition or overlapping, excessive, and unnecessary. It has a totally different meaning in web hosting where it means backup in layman’s terms.

When it comes to databases, networking, website maintenance, and other technical endeavors, however, redundancy is not only necessary — it is essential.

All organizations, sooner or later, will face minor disasters, for example, hardware failure, power outage, Internet disruptions, and so on. Shockingly, many will likewise experience genuine disasters, for example, flooding, fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, and so forth. What distinguishes the organizations that bounce back from such calamities without a scratch from those that can’t deal with the outage and go out of business? Redundancy.


With the same number of bad web hosting services out there, there are pretty much the same number of top notch ones such as Garanntor. When searching for a good website hosting service, the most critical thing is redundancy. The goal in modern business connectivity is to achieve uptime, which means systems are up and fully functional 99.999 percent of the time. The .001 percent of the time systems aren’t up should be for regularly scheduled maintenance, or at least to correct a glitch that the IT department saw coming and got on top of. As you guessed, redundancies are the only way to achieve this. Redundancy leads to less downtime, so don’t settle for anything less than 98% uptime.

Garanntor has multiple levels of redundancies in building power, internet connectivity, and server storage redundancy to ensure that your data is secure and to guarantee 99.9% uptime.

How can your business use redundancy for reliable, flexible and high-performance operations?


There are forms of redundancy: Network, Hardware, Power, and Geographic.

Network Redundancy:

This backup is basically for the network a web hosting company uses to get you on the web. Reliable providers have multiple backup systems set up to switch to guarantee that your website never goes down. In case you’re utilizing web hosting services, make certain your vendor has redundancies set up. Garanntor is uniquely positioned at the same facility as the IXPN. This enables us to provide local communications at unmatched speeds.


Hardware Redundancy:

This backup is for the physical pieces of server hardware. All critical hardware needs redundancies, including hard drives and RAM stacks. These should always be hot swappable.  For instance, one layer of redundancy is for the hard drives.  At Garanntor, we run on a reliable and high-performance custom built Supermicro blade server.


Power Redundancy:

These are the backups for the power that keeps your servers and data center running.  A few organizations back power supplies with administrations from various service organizations. All ought to have UPS backups for fleeting outages, and additionally generators for long haul blackouts. Make certain there is constantly sufficient fuel sources accessible for generators. All of our servers at our datacentre have redundant power supply units. We run on off grade dual generators and 4 + N UPS.


Geographic Redundancy:

Offsite backups that are well out of range of localized damage are required, on account of huge scale disasters.


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